Aircraft building, aircraft engine industry, automobile industry

Dimensional electrochemical machining method (DECM) is efficiently applied for a long time in industries related to aircraft building, production of aircraft engines, turbine parts and components.


SFE machines are used in manufacturing:


  • press and casting mold tooling for the manufacturing of car parts of a complicated space shape;

matrices operating form for die forming of parts having a round and a complicated geometrical shape;

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  • dies for making airfoil and blade roots for turbines and compressor blades;
  • parts with complicated shape from alloy steel;
  • parts with a great deformation degree from hard to press metals.
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In motor car construction, manufacturing of component parts and automotive industries the method of dimensional copying on our machines is used from the end of 90s and is essential in tool production at enterprises for:


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  • large-scale production of dies and press molds for tractor and car parts and components, engine parts;
  • repairing worn dies;
  • high-precision hole cutting in articles with complicated shape;
  • manufacturing of forging dies for car construction industry (constant-velocity universal ball joint parts, sealing end die, spline connection, gear wheel die and so on);
  • manufacturing of various mold elements for making pneumatic and hydraulic equipment parts.
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