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We suggest that historical and war reconstruction clubs, specialized sites and private collectors apply the unique technology used in our machines.

For restoration works SFE electrochemical machine may precisely reproduce the exact replica of any decoration articles – orders, medals, badges of all times and nations.

One can manufacture dies, matrices, punches, stamps, marks, engravings with SFE machines for restoring ancient objects and reproduction of cultural and historical heritage.

To manufacture a die, a matrix, a stamp, a punch in 5 minutes, one should have either an original article or its galvanoreplica, or a sketch, a drawing, a photo.

With the help of a produced die it is possible to manufacture the necessary number of original article replicas.

SFE machine can be installed in any heated room on the smooth concrete floor with a possibility to supply three-phase electric power of 40 kWatt. The machine occupies not more than 4.25 m2. Additional pipelines are not necessary.


SFE Machine Capability:


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  • Manufacturing of articles with the diameter up to 12 cm2.
  • Article processing area – 55 cm2 and 120 cm2 (depending on machine model).
  • Manufacturing of dies, matrices for black hair dye production, church utensils, crucifix dies, icon parts dies, icons worn on the neck, various articles of religion.
  • Manufacturing of dies for restoring ancient objects and reproduction of cultural and historical heritage.
  • Manufacturing of historical and war reconstruction.
  • Manufacturing of die tooling, matrices, embossing dies of medals, orders, signs, badges, tokens, key-rings, decoration articles, other heraldic objects of any size and shape.
  • Manufacturing of molding, cutting, dinking dies and matrices.
  • Manufacturing with the help of only one SFE machine of matrix and punch for the production of obverse and reverse of large and small souvenir coins.
  • Manufacturing of a ready die tooling for cutting and shaping (embossing) presses.
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Limited Liability Company Manufacturing and Commercial Enterprise STANKOFINEXPO is not responsible for the use of the equipment sold to its customers with the purposes incompatible with the moral norms and the current legislation.

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