Dies, matrices, punches

Die tooling, dies, matrices, press mold parts and cavity inserts, press molds, punches, marls, stamps

Use of a SFE electrochemical machine in technological cycle makes it possible to apply a progressive technology of production of die tooling, dies, matrices, parts and cavity inserts of press molds, punches, impact and knurling tools. Experts in the sphere of dimensional electrochemical machining of the Manufacturing and Commercial Enterprise STANKOFINEXPO, LLC are ready to offer the following services for tool production:

  • Development and production of various types of dies and die tooling;
  • Development and production of matrices and tooling for various purpose products;
  • Development and production of press molds’ parts;
  • Development and production of technological tooling for production of various types of punches for any purpose;
  • We offer services concerning engineering, development and production of drawings, design of products;

Our advantages

Experience and technical feasibility make it possible for STANKOFINEXPO specialists to implement the most complex orders for a production of:

  • tooling for complete cycle production of jewellery and souvenirs;
  • flat (D and 2D) dies, matrices, punches, press molds;
  • Three-dimensional 3D dies and matrices.
  • Offers are executed according to drawings, sketches, photos or ready-made samples of a part provided by a customer.


Sample products of various branches of industrys →

Types and purpose of produced dies, matrices, press molds, punches


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  • die tooling;
  • dies for cold pressing of precision parts, manufactured with the method of cold processing with pressure;
  • manufacturing of matrices operating form for die forming of parts having a round and a complicated geometrical shape;
  • impact dies and flat thread rolling dies for production of fasteners;
  • dies for volumetric forging;
  • matrices for press molds with a swinging punch;
  • press molds, tools for forging and knurling;
  • press mold cavity inserts;
  • tooling for cold and hot stamping;
  • parts with complicated shape from alloy steel;
  • parts with a great deformation degree from hard to press metals;
  • high-precision fasteners and similar formed parts (torx, Phillips screws, Pozidrive, coupling joints, hexagonal socket);
  • dies and punches for manufacturing fastening articles and forming holes and bolt heads of the fasteners;
  • press and casting mold tooling for the manufacturing of car parts of a complicated space shape;
  • dies for making airfoil and blade roots for turbines and compressor blades;
  • matrices for making a microrelief on a surface;
  • high-precision hole cutting in articles with complicated shape;
  • forging dies for car construction industry (constant-velocity universal ball joint parts, sealing end die, spline connection, gear wheel die and so on);
  • various mold elements for making pneumatic and hydraulic equipment parts.
  • shaping die surfaces, die and punch tooling and press molds for the production of medical appliances, implants, scalpels and others;
  • press molds for consumer goods and electrical goods;
  • cutting dies for jewellery and souvenir production;
  • production of broaching punches of outline gaps in a matrix;
  • production of casting molds for imitation jewellery and pendents;
  • embossing dies for jewellery production;
  • shaping surfaces of matrices for heraldic objects, imitation jewellery, jewellery production;
  • die tooling for heraldic objects, imitation jewellery, jewellery production;
  • dies and matrices for souvenir products, tokens, key-rings, clips;
  • matrix and punch for the production of obverse and reverse of large and small souvenir coins;
  • die tooling for cutting and shaping (embossing) presses when producing military attributes, cap insignias, buttons, marks of decoration, distinction;
  • dies and matrices for production of medals, orders, decoration articles, other heraldic articles;
  • die tooling and matrices for imitation jewellery articles and adornments parts;
  • production of wrought silver, church utensils, dies for crucifixes, icons and religious articles;
  • dies for restoring ancient objects and reproduction of cultural and historical heritage;
  • manufacturing of historical and war reconstruction;
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Only the most progressive technology of development and production is used for manufacturing of matrices, dies, and press molds. Shaping surfaces of die tooling, matrices, elements of press molds and punches are produced with electrochemical machines SFE-4000M, SFE-5000M, SFE-8000M.