Electrochemical machines SFE-5000М, SFE-8000М, SFE-12000М can be installed in any heated room with a level concrete floor.

At the factories such machines are installed in processing lines of tool and machine workshops or in a separate room without any special requirements to operation of metalworking machinery.

It is allowed to install the machine near metal-cutting equipment.

However, it is necessary to prevent metal-cutting chips and abrasive particles from getting into electrolyte of the machine.

The installation of the machine is carried out on a level concrete (cement) floor without any additional requirements.


Requirements to energy carriers and communication lines


Premises where a SFE machine is installed shall be equipped with:


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  • Exhaust ventilation (connected to the general system);
    Exhaust ventilation shall be completed with a protective corrosion-resistant coating (for example, galvanized steel) in a explosion-proof construction. Air suction capacity is not less than 15 m3/hour for one machine. Starting of the air ventilation system is locked up at starting of the machine.
  • Water supply network: cold water and desirably hot water;
    According to the approved layout, hot and cold water is supplied to the place of the machine location.
    For water supply of the equipment, rubber hoses or metal pipes of the appropriate cross-section are applied.
    The recommended location of the water supply system and the drain tube is the back side of the machine.
    Herewith one valve with hot water (used for electrolyte making) and two independent
    valves with cold water (used for cooling of the thyristors TCS and electrolyte in a tank) shall be installed.
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Cooling water parameters in cooling system of a TCS:


  • temperature at the inlet of the cooling system is from 274 K (+1°С,) to 298 K (+25° С);
  • pressure is from 0,15 MPa to 0,25 MPa;
  • flow rate is not less than 0,3 m3/h;
  • hardness is not less than 3,563 mg-eq;
  • content of non-dissolved sludge is not more than 0,005 mg/l.


Cooling water parameters in cooling system of a pumping station:


  • temperature at the inlet of the bath coolant is from 274 K (+1°С,) to 298 K (+25° С);
  • pressure at the inlet of the bath coolant is from 0,15 MPa to 0,25 MPa.


In case of absence of the self-contained cooling system a cold water main pipe shall have two valves:


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  • one is for a TCS (technological current source),
  • the other is for electrolyte cooling.
  • Drain pipe (connected to the general drain system);
    Drainage hole is performed as a cone. The cone shall be located below the level of the electrolyte tank bottom.
    If the floor has a sufficient incline to the side of the drain grating, it is allowed to discharge directly to the drain grating.
  • Ground loop;
  • Electric installation supply of the machine is three-phase 380 volts with a neutral conductor.
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Protection is phase fuse current not less than 100A. External supply-line fuse 125 A. It is not allowed to set energy-intensive loads on the feeder, that can result in voltage fluctuation in the circuit at their switching on/off, which can cause failure of the electrochemical machine operation.


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1mains supply voltageВ380±19
2three-phase network capacitykW40
3mains supply frequencyHz50 ± 1
4ambient temperature range° C10-35 °
5moisture content%Up to 90
6protection levelIP43
7ventilation system capacitynot less than15 m3/h



Dimension sizes of SFE electrochemical machines


Machine modelLength (depth), mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kgRequired space, m2


When installing any machine model, it is necessary to place it in such a way that there is a pass left not less than 1000 mm from any side, and 1500 mm from the side of the working area.


Additional equipment of an electrochemical machining workshop


When organizing a working area of an operator of the machine, it is necessary to provide a convenient placement of all applied equipment, instruments, blank parts and finished parts, thus it excludes any unnecessary movements.


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  • A set of devices and tools are chosen according to the technological process.
  • All the tools must be stored on permanent places in a workbench or a table. Workbench is also used to assembly, repair and reprocess the tools.
  • At the electrochemical workshop, it is necessary to have a sink with cold and hot water to washing the manufactured parts. A specially manufactured bath may be used instead of a sink.
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