Tool manufacturing industry, Manufacturing of fitter’s and assembler’s tools

Tool manufacturing at any enterprise is one of the most important enterprise units providing workshops and departments with technological tooling, die tooling, punch tooling.

To a large extent the quality of the final product depends on the quality of the products made by the specialists of tool manufacturing.

It is in tool manufacturing that the technology and equipment of dimensional electrochemical machining are mostly used.


ECM machines of SFE trade mark are used at the enterprises producing:


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  • the whole range of high-precision sizing and measuring tools;
  • fitter’s and assembler’s tools – screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers;
  • joiner’s and fitter’s tools;
  • gardener’s tools and implements;
  • metal cutting tools – cutters, milling cutters, knives;
  • steel marks with figures and letters;
  • parts with a great deformation degree from hard to press metals;
  • high-precision fasteners and similar formed parts (torx, Phillips screws, Pozidrive, coupling joints, hexagonal socket);
  • dies and punches for manufacturing fastening articles and forming holes and bolt heads of the fasteners;
  • press and casting mold tooling for the manufacturing of car parts of a complicated space shape;
  • medical tools;
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