Electrochemical high-precision copying-broaching automatic machine SFE-5000M with Advantech workstation can process parts with total sum area up to 40 cm2. SFE-5000M machine is designed for high-precision dimensional machining of metals and alloys, which are able to conduct electric current, as well as of non-conductive materials with applied on them conductive coating (by means of galvanoplastics).

Processing capabilities of a part (die workpiece) on the electrochemical semiautomatic machine SFE-5000M


  • Maximum area of workpiece machining on SFE-5000M machine is not more than 40 cm2.
  • Processed workpiece dimensions are limited with dimensions of working surface (plane) of the table: L=300 mm. B=250 mm. (in addition it is possible to let the part go beyond the table 100 mm to one side provided it is reliably fastened) and with maximum processing area S=40 cm2.
  • Maximum processing depth is 150 mm.


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Technological advantages of SFE-5000M machine


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  • Control over machine SFE-5000M is exercised with up-to date ADVANTECH workstation with a liquid-crystal display.
  • Maximum area of simultaneously processed surface of a workpiece (die) and its front part is up to 40 cm2.
  • New model is produced on a structural basis of a semi-automatic electrochemical machine SFE-4000M with application of an up-to-date Advantech workstation of the latest generation.
  • Processing speed depends on material, pattern complexity and depth and does not depend on the area processed and is on average 0.3 mm per minute.
  • Machining accuracy parameter (total reiteration of dimensions) is 2… 3 mkm.
  • Roughness of obtained product fully replicates quality of tool electrode surface and depends only on the quality of the latter one.
  • System stabilization is embedded for protection of equipment and tool electrode from short circuits.
  • There is a build-in system for cleaning and filtration of electrolyte, which is intended for filtration, cleaning and supply of electrolyte to SFE-5000M machine at preset pressure with possibility of adjustment.
  • The processing on the SFE-5000M electrochemical machine is performed at a low (less than 12 V) voltage with the help of 12% water solution of sodium nitrate (NaNO3).
  • The equipment does not require special construction of distribution pipelines and is connected to the general exhaust system and sewage.
  • Electrochemical multipurpose CNC machine SFE-5000M is environmentally friendly, safe, and complies with the noise nuisance requirements and EU electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
  • Electrochemical machines SFE-5000M are rather compact (they occupy less than 2.83 sq.m) and easy-to-assemble and transport (separation of two parts of the machine is provided).
  • Everything necessary is supplied in the set for operation of an electrochemical machine SFE-5000M – no additional purchased options are required for a long-term stable and trouble-free performance of the machine.
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