Medical tooling industry

It is difficult to imagine the production of a great number of high-precision and complicated tools in medical and medical tooling industries without the technology of high-precision electrochemical machining.


Electrochemical pulse machining, which is the basic operation technology of our SFE machines, may be used for high-precision nano manufacturing of the following parts:


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  • shaping die surfaces, die and punch tooling and press molds for the production of medical appliances: scissors, forceps, needle-holders, extractors, scalpels and so on;
  • dimensional broaching of various splines, openings, cavities of different shapes and minimum diameter in medical appliances;
  • micro surfacing of the working areas of hammers, hooks, jaws, forceps, extractors;
  • manufacturing of ready-made ophthalmology micro instruments;
  • production of steel implants with smooth surface;
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Technologists and designers of the Manufacturing and Commercial Enterprise STANKOFINEXPO, LLC have developed engineering documentation and have perfectly well-proved the technology of:


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  • Manufacturing faceplates of punches and punch tooling of any shape and size for the rotary pill presses with specular surfaces (up to class 12);
  • Manufacturing of punches and matrices, press tools for foreign and Russian pill presses;
  • Restoring and repairing press tools for the rotary pill presses.
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Sample Pictures