Our equipment is successfully operating at the leading heraldic and souvenir enterprises, Mints of Russia, the CIS and European countries for many years.


The machines are used for manufacturing:

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  • shaping surfaces of die tooling, matrices, embossing dies for coins of all sizes and shapes;
  • embossing dies, matrices, punches for making medals, orders, signs, badges, tokens, key-rings, decoration articles, other heraldic objects;
  • die tooling for heraldic objects, imitation jewelry, jewelry production;
  • molding, cutting dies and matrices for souvenir products, tokens, key-rings, clips;
  • matrix and punch for the production of obverse and reverse of large and small souvenir coins;
  • die tooling for cutting and shaping (embossing) presses when producing military attributes, cap insignias, buttons, marks of decoration, distinction;
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The technology of manufacturing dies, matrices, punches with SFE electrochemical machines is perfectly well-proven by our technical specialists.

The manufacturing of a die, matrix with SFE machine takes on average 5-15 minutes.

The valuable tool electrode is not worn completely (0%).

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